Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Grocery Store is like a Cell- DNA/Manager

The Manager is like the DNA

DNA is a chemical inside all cells that contains the code for a cell's function and appearance. In eukaryotic cells, DNA is located inside the nucleus. The manager works inside the manager's office of a grocery store and decides on the shape and size of the store, what it will sell, who the employees will be, and how to spend money.   Like the DNA of a cell, it is located withing the "nucleus" (manager's office) and decides upon what will happen in the store/cell.


The research says
That every child
Is born into this world
Knowin' how to smile.
And you gotta
be taught to frown.
Well whoever taught me
Taught me well
'Cause I've been
Frowning for a while.
Wonder when's the next time
I'm gonna smile.


Journal #1 12-21-2011

I can’t wait for this week to be over! In just three days, I’m going to Florida to celebrate Christmas with my friend. It’s been 3 years since I’ve seen her. We’re planning to go to Disney Park and some museum (I forgot the name).

Why does time pass so slowly when you’re waiting? Usually, It feels like everything’s happening so fast, and there’s not enough time to do anything. But this week, it’s completely opposite of that! Right now, I’m writing this to pass some time. It feels like every second lasts a minute, and every minute lasts an hour.

It’s not like there’s much to do in preparation. All my gifts are wrapped all nice and pretty. I can’t pack now since a lot of the things I’m bringing I have to use right now.

I’ll write more when I get to Florida and something interesting happens. Until then!

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10 Things to Search in Google

1. Recursion
2. Gravity (first result)
3. The Lonliest Number
4. Askew
5. The answer to life the universe and everything
6. ascii art
7. Let it snow
8. Tilt
9. Christmas
10. Hanukkah

A Grocery Store is like a Cell- Food Counters/Chloroplast

The Food Counters are like Chloroplasts

The chloroplasts in a plant cell are organelles that contain the green pigment chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps the cell perform photosynthesis, a process in which the cell takes the raw materials water and carbon dioxide and makes it into food for the plant. The chloroplasts are located all throughout the plant cell and there are usually more than one of them. The food counters at grocery stores include the deli kiosk, salad/soup bar, seafood counter, bakery, and butcher counter. These specialty sections take ingredients and turn them into foods such as bagels or crab cakes. The chloroplasts are similar to the food stands at the grocery store because they both take raw materials and turn them into a finished product.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Grocery Store is like a Cell- Registers/Mitochondria

The Registers are like Mitochondria

The mitochondria (singular mitochondrion) are considered to be the "powerhouses" of the cell. This is because it releases energy from the breakdown of foods into the cell in a process called cellular respiration. The mitochondria are oval shaped and located pretty much anywhere within the cytoplasm of a cell. There are usually more than one mitochondrion in a cell. The cash registers in a grocery store scan merchandise, total the cost, and release it to the consumers. This relates to mitochondria because the scanning and calculating the costs can be compared to the breakdown of foods in a cell, and the release of the merchandise to the consumers is like how a mitochondrion releases energy to the cell.

A Grocery Store is like a Cell- Floor/Cytoplasm

The Floor is like the Cytoplasm

The cytoplasm is a transparent gelatin like substance that fills up all the space inside a cell. It constantly flows and its purpose is to hold all the organelles inside the cell. The floor of a grocery store takes up the entire space within the walls. It holds all the other things on it, such as the shelves (vacuole) or the mitochondria (cash registers). Although the floor of a grocery store is not gelatin like, it serves the same purpose as the cytoplasm and has the same location.