Friday, October 14, 2011

Buisness Letter

Dear Speedo,
     Three months ago, I purchased a pair of Vanquisher Women's goggles, purchased through Metro Swim Shop at a meet. So far, I've practiced with them for eight weeks, with around four practices a week.
     Two days ago, I found that the goggles were leaking. At first, I simply tightened the straps. Water continued seeping in. I even flipped them around, thinking that there might have been something wrong with my face that affected the fit.
     I couldn't take it anymore when I was forced to swim a 500 free with them. With one working eye and one cloudy one, I decided to examine my goggles closely.
     I discovered a huge hole in the silicone gasket on the left lens. The only places my goggles have been are in the side pocket of my swim bag, on the table, or on my bed. There is no way this could have happened because of carelessness.
     I purchased these goggles because they were recommended to me by my friends for their great quality, good design, and comfort to wear. I trust that you will be able to solve this issue quickly.


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