Friday, October 14, 2011

Top 10 Things to do with Paperclips

Not in any particular order...
1. Make a necklace... This one's quite common, so try to get creative and move away from the paperclip chain idea.
2. Voodoo some stuffed animals or dolls.
3. Unbend them a bit to make them heart shaped (Picture from thanks!)
4. If you crotchet, use them as stitch markers! (I don't crotchet)
5. Unbend as much as needed and use as hooks for handing origami or other whatnots to the ceiling.
6. Find a parakeet and see if he's like to use a pair for skis.
7. Clean your fingernails. Do not use for ears or nose. Just don't.
8. Use as a substitute for the thingy that hold tape in the take dispenser and makes it spin.
9. Make a very strange and useless iPhone/iPod stand. Picture from :) (I DO NOT INFRINGE UPON OTHER PEOPLE'S PICTURES!!!)
10. Pick a lock, go into the house. Steal a lampshade, all the TV remotes, and someone's homework if you spot any. >:)

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