Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Grocery Store is like a Cell- Manager's Office/Nucleus of Plant Cell

The Manager's Office is like the Nucleus of a Plant Cell

The nucleus of a plant call is located near the edge of the cell. This is because that the vacuole of the cell is so large that it pushes it off to the side. The nucleus is the "control center" of the cell and contains all the instructions for the all the cell's activities. The managers office in a grocery store is near the edge of the store, since the shelves for merchandise take up so much room. In the manager's office, there are papers and computer records of store's activity, such as profits, popular items, expenses, and business strategies. These things determine what happens in the store. The nucleus in a plant cell and the manager's office are similar because they both serve the same purpose and are both in the same location.

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