Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The J. Peterman Experience- Acara Flat

Your mask is waiting on the dresser. And the gown. It's peach and pink and ivory and gold. Satin and gauze and lace.
The heels are waiting in their box. Their toetips are full grain gold leather, like the heels. Surely, no one will see the shoes. Surely, you can substitute them out, right?
The attic smells musty and sweet. There's a broken perfume vial on the floor, its contents long gone, shards of pink glass glittering in the dusty beam of light.
You see the mismatched boxes on crooked towers. A green dress is on the floor. There are hats. There are watercolors and jewelry and dried tubes of rouge...
Than, a sharp glint catches your eye. It's a silver stud on a pair of navy suede flats. They fit.
You can find another pair of shoes. These are too precious to hide under a gown. These are definitely a keeper.
They're the picture of quiet elegance, the leather lining cured with age. The seams are undetectable, and silver studs flawless, free of scratches. They don't make shoes like this anymore.
Beautiful and functional, the Acara Flat is perfect for special days, as well as every day. Highest quality waterproof suede shell, to withstand rainy days. Premium grade Italian leather lining. Sophisticated sterling silver studs. Womens' sizes 35 through 40. Half sizes available. $478.00  

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