Monday, December 19, 2011

A Grocery Store is like a Cell- Drywall+Windows/Cell Membrane

The Drywall/Windows are like a Cell Membrane

All cells have a cell membrane. In a plant cell, the cell membrane is located inside the cell wall. In an animal cell, it is the outermost layer of the cell. The cell membrane surrounds everything else inside the cell and is selectively permeable. This means that it allows certain things to exit and enter the cell, such as food and waste products. The tiny holes in the cell membrane that allow this to happen are the pores. The drywall inside a grocery store is a layer inside the outer wall. It has doors and windows all around that all ow things like customers, merchandise, and air to flow in and out. It does not however allow things like bomb or elephants to pass through. The cell membrane and the drywall/doors and windows in a supermarket are similar because they are both within the cell wall/ outer wall of the structure and both have openings that allow certain things to pass through.

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